Tikkun Olam One Apartment at a Time: A New Funding Model for Affordable Housing

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Public-private partnerships that mix impact investing and grants offer a new model for creating “naturally occurring affordable housing”. A philanthropist and impact real-estate investor explains how.

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Impact Investing reports from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Two new reports from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors explore impact investing:

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Getting More From Your Philanthropy by Using Social Ventures and PRIs

By Rafi Musher (JFN member)

Our first social venture used a PRI in 2012 and I invested with my first PRI in 2013 at the age of 45. I don’t think you need to wait to be innovative in driving social benefit — in fact — you need to be impatient, rather than patient.

According to our research at Stax Inc. 2/3 of the Fortune 200 are on non-profit boards and they average 2 non-profit boards. It isn’t just the billionaires signing a pledge, it’s senior leadership, all the way to millennials. We know that the faster we learn of opportunities to have impact, the faster we can put those to work. Here’s an area that has worked for me and others I know, seeking to have an outsized impact.

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Leaders or Laggards: The Role of Jewish Institutions in the Impact Investing Movement


Avi Deutsch in eJewish Philanthropy: in the growing Impact Investing movement, will Jewish institutions be leaders or laggards?

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Program Related Investments: The JFN Edition of the Guide by Mission Investors Exchange

Going All In: Dispatch from the Mission Investors Exchange Conference

Doing well by doing good! The Mission Investors Exchange conference in Baltimore provided incredible hope and promise for a new tomorrow with over 500 of the nation’s top Impact Investors there to learn how philanthropy meets investment.

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Impact Investing: Taking Note on "The Street"

Glad to see the investor publications such as The Street having more interest in impact investing, with this article featuring several of the social ventures we founded and helped found, like www.ed.coUltra Testing, and Benestream.

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Video: Bridging the Gap Between the Investment Office & the Program Office

Video: PRI/MRI 101—Intro to Program Related and Mission Related Investment