A UJIA Dinner in London with Israeli Funders

I was happy to be among a delegation of Israeli JFN members whom the UJIA invited to attend  their gala dinner last week in London.

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Top 10 Ways to Fix American Jewish Heritage Month

JFN member Jack Gottlieb. eJewish Philanthropy, May 2, 2017

On May 1 we will be celebrating American Jewish Heritage Month (AJHM), a month dedicated to highlighting the numerous achievements of Jewish Americans. Yet, as in years past, a few days before the official launch at the White House, it is still one of America’s best kept secrets! You hear very little about it in the Jewish media, even worse from Jewish organizations, Jewish museums, and Jewish educational institutions. That lapse of attention has not gone unnoticed in the past which is why every few years pundits write articles with such titles as “Why does no one care about American Jewish Heritage Month?”...

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Funder Diary: JFN Conference 2017

This conference was a first for me. I’m not sure why it carried so much weight, but flying overseas to focus on philanthropy with a foreign community of people intimidated me.

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Success Like This Could Hit the Small Time: Replicating a Global Philanthropic Networking Model in Detroit

(Cross-posted with the National Center for Family Philanthropy)

We usually think of scale as an escalator that moves in only one direction; up. Things start small and local and, if they succeed, they grow to be large and global.

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Gratitude & Humility in Philanthropy

JFN Member Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi on Newshour

JFN member Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi joined Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour to discuss issues facing people with disabilities who are incarcerated, and what her organization RespectAbility recommends for addressing them.

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Soul Food: Photos & Recipes from a Younger Funders Farm-to-Table Cooking Class

This past Friday morning, I had the pleasure of teaching a cooking class for my fellow JFN members at the gorgeous "Farma Cultura", an organic farm on a beautiful moshav in Central Israel. The event was a special gathering that brought together 35 of JFN Israel's younger funder community.

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Impact Investing: Taking Note on "The Street"

Glad to see the investor publications such as The Street having more interest in impact investing, with this article featuring several of the social ventures we founded and helped found, like www.ed.coUltra Testing, and Benestream.

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Gandyr Foundation on Israeli Philanthropy


The Center for Effective Philanthropy interviewed Ronit Amit, CEO of JFN member organization the Gandyr Foundation on "The Emerging Philanthropic Sector in Israel."

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