The Fabric of Character: A Wise Giver's Guide to Supporting Social and Moral Renewal

By Anne Snyder. (Philanthropy Roundtable)

What is character and how do you shape it? This question has preoccupied parents, teachers, clergy and leaders since the beginning of time. But it takes on vital importance in our era. While the complexity and autonomy of life in the 21st century call for character more than ever, the conditions under which such character is forged are in trouble. How do we replenish the store of moral capital in such a diverse, individualistic, consumerist and stressed society? How do we usher in a shared appetite for the good? This book aims to break open a new path for donors interested in catalyzing a character revival. Through inspirational stories of institutional exemplars operating today, and a powerful set of 16 questions that you can use to evaluate your own organization, this book will equip philanthropists to shape existing initiatives that attempt to transform lives, and to build new ones.

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