The Satisfaction and Challenge of Impact Investing

We've been talking a lot lately at JFN about impact investing--which aims to provide an array of socially responsible investing that provides solid returns. This fall, we've hosted an engaging series of webinars on the topic, with a fourth that focuses on case studies from impact investing in Israel scheduled for December 9.

As the conversation continues, we'd thought it'd be good to revisit this dispatch from earlier this year by Nicole Wallace at The Chronicle of Philanthropy. It details a survey of organizations that manage impact investments. Some 84 percent reported the investments met expectations when it came to social and environmental benefits. Regarding financial returns, 68 percent said expectations were being met, while 21 percent said they were exceeding expectations. Just 11 percent were disappointed by their returns, according to the survey by JPMorgan Chase and the Global Impact Investing Network.

The survey also revealed investors were not looking to sacrifice profits just to do some good. In fact, two-thirds of respondents said they were looking for market-rate returns. The survey results and an accompanying research report can be found here.