Exploring Trust-Based Philanthropy in the Jewish Community

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Trust-based philanthropy has been gaining momentum as an approach that alleviates power imbalances toward a more just and equitable nonprofit sector. While it is most associated with unrestricted grants and streamlined applications and reports, it is much greater than the sum of these practices. Fundamentally, trust-based philanthropy flips the script on the compliance-oriented culture of traditional philanthropy so that nonprofits have the agency and opportunity to achieve their goals. Many of the core values of trust-based philanthropy are aligned with Jewish values of tzedakah and chesed. But what does it look like to embody these values in our day-to-day work? What’s in it for grantmaking practitioners to invest the time and energy it takes to fully embody a trust-based approach?

Join us for an engaging discussion with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, Fineshriber Family Foundation, and American Jewish World Service as we explore these questions, hear about what it looks like to operationalize trust-based values, and leave you with a renewed sense of understanding of the promise and potential of trust-based philanthropy.


Shaady Salehi
Executive Director, Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

Beth Tigay
Executive Director, Fineshriber Family Foundation

Shari Turitz
Vice President for Programs, American Jewish World Service

This webinar is presented by GrantED, a project of Jewish Funders Network that works to strengthen relationships between grantmakers and grantseekers in the Jewish community. To learn more, visit www.jgranted.org

Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu ·

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