JFN IL Screens a Sneak Preview of Uncharitable

On Monday, January 30th, JFN IL held its Winter Membership Event, a sneak preview of the film Uncharitable. It was one of the biggest Israel Membership Event to date, with over 100 members turning out to view and discuss the film.

Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, the film introduces a radical new way of thinking about philanthropy. Based on Dan Pallotta's record-breaking Ted Talk on the subject that has inspired changemakers globally, Uncharitable demands that charities be freed from traditional constraints, so that they can truly change the world.

JFN member and Uncharitable Co-Producer Dina Rabhan introduced the film first by extolling the power of stories, “As a famous CEO [Michael Margolis, CEO and Founder of Storied] once said, 'The stories we tell literally make our world. If we want to change the world, we need to change the story.' The story is the strategy. And that's why our family charitable trust donated to support this film, and will always include storytelling content in our strategy of giving.

The film is scheduled to premier in late March, but JFN IL members were able to see it in its current nearly-finished form. It inspired intense feelings in the audience. After the screening, members were asked to submit a one sentence reaction to what they’d seen and what needs to happen next in the philanthropic world.

  • Incredibly inspired to move that needle and convince others of the truth of this principle
  • Think differently about salary costs
  • The impact is what really counts
  • Increasing impact. Encouraging bravery
  • Not to hide the willing to support overhead
  • Inspired to think bigger about non-profits and my giving
  • Invest more to raise more
  • This movie totally changed the way I think about overhead costs. Literally mind blowing
  • Invest in people and take risks!


Visit Uncharitablemovie.com to watch the trailer and sign up to be alerted when it is available to stream.