Update on Donor-Advised Funds in Israel

It's been an exciting year for Keshet-DAF, Israel's first donor-advised fund, which was established by JFN and our partners.

After only one year of being fully operational, Keshet now has 80 individual DAF-holders, is working with four U.S.-based foundations that give in Israel.

In 2021 alone Keshet received NIS 107 million in contributions, which doubled its size to a total of NIS 165 million (about $51.3 million). So far, NIS 31 million (almost $10 million) has been allocated to 263 nonprofit organizations through Keshet.


Sixty-three percent of Keshet's fund-holders are investors or entrepreneurs, and they are donating their funds to a variety of causes, with social welfare, education and research, and housing and development the leading areas to benefit.

In addition, Keshet is serving as the financial platform for 1Point8, an initiative established by leaders in Israel's high-tech industry, who have joined together to improve social outcomes and opportunities for all by pledging 1.8 percent of their equity (options or shares) to support local nonprofits. Upon signing the pledge, members can allocate their designated capital to nonprofits that have been vetted and selected by the community. 1Point8 is opening up its application process to Israeli NGOs this week so please spread the word to organizations that you think might be a good match!

Learn more about Keshet here and in the video below.