Updates from JFN Israel

The past year has been an extremely busy one for JFN members in North America, Israel, and beyond. On top of responding to the coronavirus pandemic, JFN Israel this year completed a two-year process of evaluating its impact on the Israeli philanthropic field. Among the findings: 

Download a recent update from JFN Israel, which includes highlights from JFN IMPACT Index, developed in collaboration with Effective Research for Social Impact, a research and consultancy firm. Among the findings: 

  • 60 percent of JFN Israel members apply strategic philanthropic practices to their grantmaking process.
  • 73 percent of JFN Israel members collaborate with other members on projects or as strategic partners.
  • 78 percent of JFN Israel members feel a part of the Israeli philanthropic community.

We encourage you to visit JFN Israel's newly revamped website, updated in both Hebrew and English.

Learn more about Keshet, the new donor-advised fund service JFN Israel recently helped launch, here.