Video: A Jewish Response to Ebola—Staying the Course from Disaster to Recovery

Through this briefing, learn about some of the work being done by the Jewish community to combat Ebola in West Africa. Members of the staff of American Jewish World Service (AJWS) reported from Liberia and New York City on their efforts to halt the spread of the disease. As a grantmaker inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, AJWS has supported 14 organizations in Liberia that have helped stop the virus and save lives. Today, as the number of new Ebola cases continues to wane, attention is turning toward repairing the damage to Liberia’s health care system and economy left in the epidemic’s wake.

You will hear a first-hand account of Ebola’s impact in Liberia, lessons learned from the front lines of this epidemic, and plans for the future.

We will hear about efforts to:

  • Use trusted community networks to educate tens of thousands of people to prevent infection and get help for the sick
  • Collaborate with the Liberian government on a national Ebola response
  • Provide trauma counseling and support for survivors
  • Bolster Liberia’s shattered economy, health care system and infrastructure to enable the country to recover after Ebola is fully contained


  • Ruth Messinger, AJWS President
  • Daguyar Johnson, AJWS’s staff in Liberia
  • Shari Turitz, AJWS Vice President for International Programs