Video: Communications in Philanthropy

When making philanthropic plans, donors too often leave communications out of their strategy, thinking only much later (if at all) about how, and to whom, they can tell the story of their philanthropy in order to further their missions.

But smart, strategic communications can vastly enhance a gift's impact.

From recruiting funding partners for a specific project or a field to inspiring similar models in new locations or funding areas, a robust communications strategy can empower philanthropists to make their grants go further. That's why larger foundations increasingly have staff (or consultants) dedicated to communications. But no matter the size of your foundation, or your private philanthropic capacity, communications efforts can be mission-critical—even if you fund anonymously.

This webinar features four communications specialists—Jo-Ann Mort (Founder & CEO, Change Communications), Hasdai Westbrook (Founder & CEO, Changing Media), Tamar Snyder (Director of Brand Marketing & Communications, Jewish Communal Fund), and Julie Silverstein (CEO of Trope, a brand strategy and messaging consultancy)—who will discuss how to make sure that you find the strategy that will work for your philanthropy, including everything from PR and talking points to social media campaigns.

If you think this doesn't apply to you... think again! Philanthropy is a field of transactions and persuasion. Learn how a new communications strategy can serve your mission.