Video: Emergency Briefing—Ukraine

As political and military tensions in Ukraine rise, so too does the potential for a major humanitarian crisis. With the death toll from this conflict climbing, and the risk of civil war becoming very real, it's important to take a look at the possible implications for Ukraine's Jewish population and what Jewish funders can do to help. Watch our recent webinar where JDC's Oksana Galkevich, Ukraine External Relations and Government Affairs Director, and Anthony Moshal, founding trustee of the Yad Mordechai Trust, gave an exclusive briefing. Oksana provided an overview of the situation on the ground, as well as discussed JDC's response to the crisis. Anthony explained his family's role as funders and how they are reacting to the crisis.

About the presenters:
Oksana Galkevich, Ukraine External Relations and Government Affairs Director, JDC - Oksana was born and raised in Kharkov and has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to revitalizing the Jewish community, and improving the quality of life for the most needy in the region. Oksana was recruited by the Kharkov JDC office, serving first as Personal Assistant to the Director, and later as Public Relations and Missions Manager. In this role, Oksana cultivated donor relations, and launched local fundraising activities. As JDC Representative and Director of JDC's operations in Northern Ukraine, Oksana oversaw JDC welfare and Jewish renewal activities in Kharkov, Poltava and Sumy, for more than 55,000 people. Today, she is responsible for fostering partnerships with local and international governmental agencies and NGOs, and developing fundraising initiatives in the country. Oksana holds a Master's Degree in Foreign Languages from the National Pedagogic University. She is a graduate of the Ford Motor Company International Fellowship for emerging community leaders.

Anthony Moshal, Founding Trustee, Yad Mordechai Trust - Yad Mordechai was established in 2003 and is focused on Jewish orphan rescue in the Former Soviet Union and Jewish Adult Education (Jewish Outreach). The trust has partnered with Tikva Odessa, Yad Yisroel Pinsk, Aish Hatorah and Ohr Somayach. Other areas of activity are children's HIV treatment programs in South Africa, and the Moshal Scholarship Program which provides scholarships, mentoring and career management to underprivileged students in Israel and South Africa. Anthony is a technology entrepreneur. He qualified as an MD at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He worked as a strategy consultant at The Monitor Company before a career in internet startups.