Video: Growing Strong, Healthy Grantees—Organizational Health at Every Age and Stage

The terrible twos. Adolescence. Mid-life crises. Do you sometimes feel the organizations you fund go through these stages? Does it leave you wondering how to help your grantees navigate challenges directly connected to their stage in the organizational lifecycle?

This webinar features Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens, a leading practitioner and award-winning author in the field of nonprofit organizational lifecycles. The webinar offers a developmental lens for understanding nonprofits, deepens our understanding of what health and resiliency look like at every age and stage, and provides practical advice to enable us to promote organizational health through our grant-making strategies.

Susan Kenny Stevens is an experienced management consultant, author, and frequent keynote speaker. Susan holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, and is the author of five books and numerous journal articles and case studies. Her award-winning book, Nonprofit Lifecycles, now in its second edition, has sold more than 15,000 copies and serves as a cornerstone for many university nonprofit management courses and foundation-sponsored, capacity-building programs across the nation. Susan's fundamental understanding of nonprofit management was honed over 30 years as a strategic advisor and consultant. She has a specific interest in and has conducted extensive research on the entrepreneurial behavior of founders.