Video: Holocaust Ignorance: Problems & Solutions

A webinar on the state of Holocaust knowledge and education in North America, with experts from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (Claims Conference), Yad Vashem, and the Azrieli Foundation.

On this past Yom HaShoah, the Claims Conference released the findings of a Holocaust Awareness and Knowledge Survey, conducted in the United States. The study revealed alarming gaps in knowledge; while most Americans have some level of awareness of the Holocaust, 41% of those surveyed, and two thirds of Millennials, did not know about Auschwitz, and one third of all those surveyed thought fewer than 2 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

While respondents overwhelmingly believe Holocaust education should be a required topic in classrooms, Holocaust education in the U.S. clearly isn't yet living up to its task. Meanwhile, the Azrieli Foundation has been conducting parallel research on the state of Shoah awareness in Canada. Yad Vashem continues to lead the world in teacher training for Holocaust education, and can address the best ways for the field to counter disturbing trends in Holocaust awareness and knowledge through effective education.


  • Gregory Schneider,¬†Executive Vice President, Claims Conference
  • Dr. Eyal Kaminka,¬†Director, International School for Holocaust Studies and Lily Safra Chair of Holocaust Education, Yad Vashem
  • Dena Libman,¬†Chief Operating Officer, Azrieli Foundation