Video: Impact Investing 101 (Impact Investing Series Part 1)

Impact Investing 101, the first webinar of the Impact Investing series, Fran Seegull, CIO & Managing Director of ImpactAssets, provides an in-depth primer on impact investing that can be helpful to those new to the field and to those looking to strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of the field.

The webinar includes:

  • the Industry's landscape and stakeholders
  • the spectrum of products with varying financial and social investment objectives and where/ how impact investments fit in
  • the current impact investing market, market barriers, and where there is potential for growth and innovation
  • how impact investments are structured and the role philanthropic capital can play
  • a sample investment

This comprehensive introduction to the field provides the basics for the next part webinars in this series: A Worldview: Impact Investing Around the World.