Video: International Refugee Assistance Project & Jewish World Watch

Becca Heller, co-founder and director of The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), speaks about the ongoing refugee crisis and her organization's life-saving legal assistance to refugees through an innovative model that mobilizes direct legal aid and systemic policy advocacy to benefit and empower the world's most persecuted individuals. IRAP's Middle East Director, Kathleen Norland List, discusses conditions on the ground for refugees and how IRAP's field teams in Lebanon and Jordan work to proactively identify and reach out to particularly vulnerable refugees to provide assistance. A former IRAP client who is now safely resettled also shares his story as a refugee who fled war and persecution in search of a safe, new beginning. Janice Kamenir-Rezni, a co-founder of Jewish World Watch, discusses why JWW changed shifted their focus to work on the Syrian refugee issue even though such work is not explicitly within their mission statement.