Video: Israel’s Social Sector In the Wake of COVID-19

(Session at JFN 2020 Virtual Convening, March 23, 2020)


Many funders active in Israel are wondering about the current urgent needs of organizations in Israel, as well as about the steps they can and should take in the current situation. This program lays out the current state of Israel’s social sector, the role it plays in the coronavirus crisis, and the potential role for philanthropy.

In this briefing, we hear from Lior Finkel-Perl, CEO of Civil Leadership, about the status of the social sector in Israel, especially given the lack of a governmental budget over the past year and now further impacted by the coronavirus. She shares results from a recent survey of the needs of the NGO sector in Israel and potential directions for involvement.

JDC Israel’s director of planning and development, Galit Sagie, presents on examples for emergency adaptations they have implemented in the past few weeks in reaction to the situation.

Finally, we also discuss steps funders can take to react effectively to the situation as well as points to think about in the months to come.