Video: Jews of Color & the Jewish Community

Gain greater insight into the new opportunities, advocacy, programming and vistas that Jews of Color are creating for themselves and for the Jewish community at large. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that Jews of Color contend with when engaging in the Jewish community, and the ways they are building new pathways to Jewish experience. Develop new skills for being inclusive of Jews of Color in our lives, organizations, and with grantees. Through hearing about the Jews of Color Convening of June 2016, as well as from experts organizing Jews of Color ongoing, learn about the status of the work today and its potential future. As funders, JFN members can come to better understand what role they may play in this important work.


Leo Ferguson, Community Organizer, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice

Chava Shervington, President, Jewish Multiracial Network

M. Dove Kent, Executive Director, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice

Michael Hirschhorn, President, Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation (JFN member)

[Video thumbnail image by Desmond Reich]