Video: Project-Based Learning

How can Jewish funders support Project-Based Learning to revolutionize the educational experiences of students, teachers, administrators, and parents? Project-Based Learning is a dynamic pedagogical approach in which students engage directly with real-world problems. Students work collaboratively with peers to investigate problems in depth and produce an end project that has relevance in the real world. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying and apply it to something meaningful to them. Learn how—and why—Jewish schools and other educational programs are integrating Project-Based Learning into their educational approaches to deepen student learning.


  • Tikvah Weiner, Chief Academic Officer of the I.D.E.A schools network
  • Matt Williams, doctoral candidate at Stanford University studying Jewish education and a consultant to the project
  • Dr. Susan M. Kardos, Senior Director of Strategy and Education Planning at The AVI CHAI Foundation
  • Dr. Jane Willoughby, Vice President and Director of Education, Program Research and Development for the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education