Securing Jewish Communities

A webinar with leaders from the Secure Community Network (SCN), an initiative of JFN member organization Jewish Federations of North America, for a briefing on the state of security in North American Jewish communities.

Update: Supplemental materials from SCN are now available:

SCN is the North American Jewish community’s homeland security experts, working with hundreds of institutions throughout the 147 Federation communities, and an institution to whom the FBI and DHS turn for their superior alert system, training, duty desk and other programs and services — and who were on the ground in Pittsburgh within hours of the massacre.

While the horrors of Pittsburgh are still fresh in our minds, the FBI also recently released new data showing that hate crime incidents targeting Jews and Jewish institutions in the U.S. increased by 37% between 2016 and 2017, and represent 58% of religious-based hate crime incidents. And though the statistics are still being developed, it is clear that in 2018, things are getting worse. The U.S. faces a virulent rise of anti-Semitism.

But our task is not to despair; it is to be proactive and prepared — without panic or fear — and to ensure that the work of the Jewish community in engaging and inspiring people can proceed with their important work unfettered and secure.


  • Michael Masters, Executive Director, SCN
  • Doron Horowitz, SCN Senior National Security Advisor
  • Patrick Daly, Deputy Director & COO, SCN