Video: U.S. Workforce Policy Overview & Issues—Workforce Development Peer Network Webinar Part II

This webinar was a presentation on current U.S. workforce policy. If you are a workforce funder or looking into this sector in the United States, this webinar will provide:

A general overview of the structure of the U.S. workforce development system (with a focus on programs that aim to/have the potential to address the needs of low-skilled, low-income, and/or under- or un-employed individuals);

A summary of some of the key workforce policy issues currently facing states and the federal government;

Highlights of current opportunities to affect policy and systems change in workforce development.

Our presenters were two workforce experts from the National Skills Coalition (NSC):

Andy Van Kleunen is CEO of NSC which he founded in 1998 as The Workforce Alliance. Andy is the author of multiple publications in the areas of workforce policy, healthcare policy, and urban community development as well as a recognized expert on state and federal workforce policy.

Prior to founding the Coalition, Andy was Director of Workforce Policy for the national Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute and also spent over 14 years in community organizing and development efforts within several of New York City’s low-income and working-class neighborhoods.

Sarah Oldmixon is Chief of Development and Strategic Growth at NSC. Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge of both the philanthropic community and of workforce development. She spent over six years at the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, where she served as Director of Workforce Initiatives then Senior Director of Philanthropic Services. Sarah was previously a Senior Analyst at the NGA Center for Best Practices and a David Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin.