Weekend Reading

JFN member Zoya Raynes appointed president of Jewish Communal Fund | PR Newswire

JFN members Alan Mason and Robert Glazier create fund focused on Jewish identity | Sergio Carmona, Florida Jewish Journal

U.S. Giving Reaches New Highs Again, Showing Unprecedented Increases & Unparalleled Generosity | Robert I. Evans, eJewish Philanthropy

Six Months Later: The Impact of Donald Trump’s Presidency on American Jews | Steven Windmueller, eJewish Philanthropy

PJ Library Family Study: How 25,000 Families Experience Jewish Life in the U.S. and Canada | Winnie Sandler Grinspoon, eJewish Philanthropy

Child Safety First: a new report | Jumpstart & Sacred Spaces, eJewish Philanthropy

Changing the Face of Jewish Philanthropy, One Investment at a Time | Avi Deutsch, eJewish Philanthropy

The Rise of the Mega-Donor and the Privatization of Organized Jewish Life | Robert Hyfler, eJewish Philanthropy

A Crash Course on Releasing an RFP | Barry Finestone, Jim Joseph Foundation

Forget the 'Trump Bump,' Will Israel's Crisis With World Jews Spur More Donations to Jewish State? | Judy Maltz, Haaretz

Risk, Trust, and Impact: Connecting the Dots | Jane Wales, SSIR

Time to Reboot Grantmaking | Michael Etzel & Hilary Pennington, SSIR

Can We Sustain It? | Kristen Grimm & Emily Gardner, SSIR

Rules and Rituals: How to Drive Change | Zia Khan, SSIR

EdTech Blog Series: if you haven't yet checked out our series of blog posts on Jewish educational technology, do so here!

Shabbat shalom and enjoy your weekend!