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How Jewish Community Groups Are Collaborating on Planned-Gift Fundraising | Eden Stiffman, The Chronicle of Philanthropy 

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation runs a five-year-old program to help Jewish communities across the country promote planned giving among 465 organizations, including Jewish day schools, synagogues, and social-service charities. Called Life & Legacy, the program includes coaching, training, and incentive grants to ensure that legacy giving becomes a normal part of Jewish philanthropic culture. It appears to be working.

Rosh Hashanah 5778: Challenging Ourselves and the Jewish Communal System | Hayim Herring & Steven Windmueller, eJewish Philanthropy 

We believe that it is time to create a new typology of Jewish organizations, one that reflects these many changes and new realities. An open-source approach to mapping the American Jewish landscape that would be available as a resource for decision-making and policy guidance.

Does Big Philanthropy Threaten Democracy? A Dialogue on The Givers | Sean Parnell & David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy

The Givers states that “In a democratic society, all powerful institutions that affect our lives need vigilant oversight.” This is one of the more alarming statements in the book. There are several fairly powerful institutions I can think of where the introduction of “vigilant oversight” would be a horrific concept. Religious institutions (which, seemingly relevant here, haul in about a third of all charitable giving) are among the most influential in our society... Likewise the free press... Would anyone suggest that... news outlets aren’t powerful institutions that affect our lives? Would anyone subsequently suggest that the press requires “vigilant oversight” by the government? Hopefully not!

Nonprofit Leaders Strike Back at Suggestion of Time Limit on DAF Payouts | Alex Daniels, The Chronicle of Philanthropy 

In a letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, the panel’s ranking Democrat, the heads of some of the biggest nonprofit associations in the country slammed suggestions including time requirements on the disbursement of money out of donor-advised funds. The nonprofit leaders called the proposals "misguided and misleading."

Most US Jews oppose Trump but the Orthodox stick with him | Yonat Shimron, RNS 

“It’s almost two Jewish universes living within the boundaries of the United States with two very different worldviews,” said [David] Harris [CEO of AJC].

In case you missed it...

Arrogance of Philanthropists, Part I

Andrés Spokoiny, Philanthropy Daily

Many people acquire power precisely by having a great capacity to be empathetic, or, at least, to be well-attuned to the emotional realities of others. But then, achieving that power seems to cause a loss of that very capability.

New Resources from OLAM: Global Jewish Service Field Snapshot Survey & Season 2 of Global Torah Podcast

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