What I Saw with #JewsAtTheBorder: Witnessing the Crisis

Judy Mann, COO of Jewish Funders Network, shares what she experienced at the US-Mexico border in August 2018, when she was part of a delegation of more than 40 leaders representing national Jewish organizations from across the U.S. that convened in San Diego and crossed the border to Tijuana, Mexico, to bear witness to the victims of the migrant crisis.

The delegation, which was co-organized by HIAS and ADL, brought together Jewish leaders to see firsthand how the Trump administration’s policies are endangering individuals and families fleeing violence and persecution.

Participants met with American and Mexican government officials; immigration attorneys and humanitarian workers who work with refugees and asylum seekers; and individuals and families seeking safety in the United States, or seeking to be reunited with their families.

Photo credits: top image: Jennifer Liseo/ADL; within SoundCloud player: Bill Swersey/HIAS