JFN International Conference Update

Since March, when we made the difficult decision to cancel our annual conference, we’ve been responding to the ever-changing realities, particularly giving funders the tools to respond effectively to the growing needs. We’ve also focused on preparing ourselves, and the larger Jewish community, for a variety of scenarios.

If this were a normal year, right around now is when we'd be sending a “save the date” for our next international conference, which, following our triennial rotation, would be in Israel. (Our conferences follow a pattern of East Coast, Israel, West Coast.) We’d be preparing to bring together hundreds of people for several days of networking and thoughtful programming.

Obviously, this kind of planning is all but impossible right now. International travel, indeed all travel, is severely restricted, and we don’t know when large in-person events will be safe again. So we want to share what are we thinking.

We are exploring and researching numerous options for next year’s conference — a high-level and engaging online gathering in the spring, an in-person event in Israel late in 2021, and several smaller, regional in-person or virtual convenings throughout the year. We are also engaging members, partners and thought leaders in creative thinking to offer the best value for our network. Whatever we do, I assure you it will be safe, thought-provoking and of the highest quality. 

One thing is certain: JFN will continue to play a key role in the communal response to this unprecedented crisis. Because now our mission of expanding the breadth and impact of Jewish philanthropy is more important than ever.