Young Funders Membership Level

JFN is piloting a new "Young Funders" dues level for JFN membership. Young Funders will be defined as those who are:

  • under 40 years old; and
  • giving $7,500 – $24,999 per year.

Potential members who meet these criteria may be able to join JFN at the new dues level of $360. Young Funders will also receive a discounted registration rate for the annual JFN International Conference.

The Young Funders dues level is intended to be a temporary “on-ramp” to full JFN membership, and application for membership at this reduced rate will require a few additional processes that don’t apply to normal membership. (Each applicant will be required to submit a lay leadership resume to show interest in philanthropic growth and a commitment to the field.)

For the present, the new dues level is also being rolled out as a pilot, and we will be assessing its success over time to determine whether or not we will make it a permanent fixture of our dues structure.

This new membership level doesn't change the status of existing young adult members who have JFN membership through their parents, or the status of foundation professionals who have membership through their employers. This new dues level is intended for new potential JFN members in the under-40 age range with no existing family connection to JFN, to offer a chance to connect to the network and give JFN membership a try.

We are excited about bringing new funders into our network who are passionate about changing the world through philanthropy. Emerging funders interested in membership at this new level should contact Samantha L. Anderson, Senior Director of Member Services: