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Resources on the Israeli STEM Pipeline

A recent JFN Israel event gathered funders to discuss the current state of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math education) pipeline in Israel. For anyone interested in this issue, here is some of the event's background reading: [More...]
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Arab Philanthropy: Insights into Strategic Giving

The past decade has seen gradual developments in Arab philanthropy in Israel. While most Arab philanthropy remains almost entirely within traditional and religious charitable customs, there are now Arab organizations and leaders who are looking at it as a vehicle for systemic social change. [More...]
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Parents Enthusiastic About PJ Library

PJ Library, which sends free Jewish books monthly to young children, has a “considerable impact” on families’ Jewish life and practices, a survey of Toronto-area families has found. The program was created by JFN member organization The Harold Grinspoon Foundation. [More...]

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