Career Opportunities


VP, Philanthropic Engagement

Within JFN’s new strategic framework called JFN 3.0, a new position is being created, encompassing the traditional member services responsibilities and new avenues of engagement for different cohorts of members and prospects.  

Overall, the mission of this position is elevating the quality of philanthropic practice in the Jewish Community while ensuring high levels of membership satisfaction and commitment. 

The VP is responsible for developing and overseeing JFN’s member relationship and engagement strategies, including membership recruitment and retention, developing relationship management and stewardship systems, and ensuring a robust programmatic and educational offer for members and prospects according to their specific needs. The Director is also tasked with identifying opportunities to cultivate new connections between members, enhancing the value proposition and membership experience towards strengthening the network’s overall impact on the Jewish world. 

The VP will develop outreach strategies for specific populations and develop programs, initiatives, and communities of practice to foster philanthropic excellence in the Jewish Community. 



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