Green Funders Forum

JFN Israel founded the Green Funders Forum (GFF) to support and mobilize the Jewish philanthropic community in facing one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. The GFF is JFN's largest peer network, providing the philanthropic community with knowledge, tools, inspiration, and opportunities to act strategically and collaboratively around issues of the environment and climate change.

Activities include:

  • Generating mappings and tools for funders.
  • Coordinating events and tours.
  • Providing individual consultations on environmental funding strategy.
  • Developing and facilitating philanthropic collaborations.
  • Offering environmental and climate-related programming at the annual JFN International Conference and year-round.


GFF also seeks to deepen JFN's involvement in the field in North America and globally by offering ongoing programming and identifying additional opportunities for awareness building and education to influence the entire Jewish philanthropic community.

For additional details or to schedule a free consultation on your environmental funding, contact Gil Yaacov, Project Manager, JFN's Green Funders' Forum, [email protected].