Honeycomb: Jewish Youth Philanthropy Reimagined

Created in 2006 as a program of JFN, Honeycomb (formerly known as The Jewish Teen Funders Network) is the leading resource for Jewish youth philanthropy. Honeycomb drives innovation in youth programming by creating tools, curricula, and trainings for professionals and organizations to deliver high-quality philanthropic education and experiences that empower youth to fund real change. Honeycomb is building the future of Jewish philanthropy.

Honeycomb is uniquely focused on Jewish youth philanthropy because of the incredible impact and promise on which it delivers: ā€œstrengthening young peopleā€™s connections to Jewish life, identity, community, and values while cultivating a lasting desire and skillset to change the world.ā€* Through this first-hand experience of tzedakah, young people put their values into action, and model a foundational practice of the Jewish people. They become sophisticated philanthropists in their own right, acquiring leadership skills that equip them to be agents of civic and social change.

Honeycomb is now offering benefits to JFN members, by accessing consulting services to engage youth into the family or foundationā€™s philanthropy. Honeycomb will work with JFN members to create impactful and engaging experiences for youth to embody shared value and strategic giving by a family or foundation. Honeycomb believes that early youth experience with strategic philanthropy will both strengthen their engagement with Jewish life and ensure their commitment to lifelong giving based on Jewish values.

To learn about how you access your free introductory consultation for your family or foundation, contact Wayne Green, Executive Director of Honeycomb, at [email protected]

Learn more about Honeycomb at http://www.honeycomb.org


*from Give and Grow: Jewish Teen Philanthropy's Unique, Powerful and Lasting Impact, supported by the Laura & Gary Lauder Family Venture Philanthropy Fund and Maimonides Fund, published in April 2019