JFN Staff

Executive Team

Andrés Spokoiny
President and CEO

Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu
Executive Vice President

Sigal Yaniv Feller
Executive Director, JFN Israel

Nan Rossien
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ari Rudolph
Vice President of Philanthropic Engagement

Mara Silvers
Vice President of Programs


U.S. Staff

Marnie Dubow
Office Manager

Debra Feldstein
JFN West Associate Director

Tamar Frydman
Senior Director of Programs

Sarah Horowitz
Project Manager

Alana Rahmani
Project Manager

Tzivia Schwartz Getzug
JFN West Director

Ronit Segal
Database Manager

Talia Topper
Staff Accountant

Julie Wiener
Director of Communications


Israel Staff

Sharon Dwek
Membership Director, JFN Israel

Maya Foner
Director of Programs, JFN Israel

Maya Golan
Director of Family Philanthropy, JFN Israel

Sarit Lior
Director of Finance and Operation, JFN Israel

Reut Stoller
Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy

Gil Yaacov
Project Manager, Green Funders Forum



Wayne Green
Executive Director, Honeycomb

Alisha Mikluch
Communication and Engagement Manager, Honeycomb

Danielle Segal
Senior Program Director, Honeycomb