Ilia Salita Excellence in Research Award (ERA)

The Ilia Salita Excellence in Research Award (ERA) celebrates the life and legacy of Ilia Salita z"l, an inspirational and beloved figure in the Jewish philanthropic world whose untimely death deprived the community of a voice of wisdom, vision, and skill. The award is inspired by Ilia's passion for informed, data-driven philanthropy and his promotion of innovative applied research in many fields.

The $15,000 award, funded by Genesis Philanthropy Group and facilitated by Jewish Funders Network, recognizes and highlights research projects that can impact Jewish life in a direct and positive way.


2023: "Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators in the United States," by CASJE (Collaborative for Applied Studies in Jewish Education)

2022 (Inaugural Year): "Antisemitic Attitudes Across the Ideological Spectrum," by Eitan Hersh, Tufts University