Peer Networks & Affinity Groups

Jewish Funders Network provides members with many ways to meet other funders, leverage giving, and learn from experts in funder-only environments. This enables members to ensure their philanthropy has a greater impact.

One way JFN facilitates that is through peer networks that are initiated by funders. Joining one can increase sharing and learning in a particular funding area, and provide more intimate opportunities to get to know other philanthropists with a shared passion.

JFN also convenes affinity groups, such as the National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty, that bring together funders and other stakeholders interested in a specific issue.

Benefits of participating in a peer network or affinity group include:

  • Networking with others interested in the same field
  • Discovering opportunities for collaboration
  • Delving deeper into a specific funding area with topic-specific webinars, funder convenings, and email updates
  • Peer network site visits

Interested in starting a peer network?

Peer networks are initiated by JFN members and require a minimum of five funders. If you are interested in starting a peer network, please contact Ari Rudolph at [email protected].


Active JFN Peer Networks, Regional Groups & Funding Collaboratives


CANVAS is a Jewish Funders Network-powered funding collaborative that seeks to encourage, support, and promote a 21st- century Jewish cultural renaissance. The CANVAS Mission: To elevate the ecosystem of Jewish arts & culture in North America through strategic and coordinated giving, education, and cross-sector exposure (between funders and artists, Jewish creatives and secular distribution networks/media, and more).

Grantmaking Professionals Exchange

Managed in partnership with our colleagues at Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, the Exchange aims to strengthen relationships and enhance strategic, technical, and Jewish learning among professionals across the field of Jewish community philanthropy. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Green Funders Forum

JFN Israel founded the Green Funders Forum (GFF) to support and mobilize the Jewish philanthropic community in facing one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. The GFF is JFN's largest peer network, providing the philanthropic community with knowledge, tools, inspiration, and opportunities to act strategically and collaboratively around issues of the environment and climate change.


Impact Investing Roundtable

Monthly roundtable series and other programs for JFN members interested in investing in ventures that aim to be financially profitable while also achieving specific social or environmental goals. Contact [email protected] for more information.

JFN West

Special programming and services for JFN members who live in Arizona, California, Texas, every state west of Texas, and the Canadian West, including local and regional gatherings, a Los Angeles grantmaking professionals group, and periodic online programs designed to provide a unique opportunity for JFN West members to engage in small-group conversation with and among JFN leaders and members. For more information contact Tzivia Schwartz Getzug at [email protected] or Debra Feldstein at [email protected].

Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund of Los Angeles (JVPF)

Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund of Los Angeles is a group of individuals who have pooled their financial resources and business planning skills to fund and support innovative programs, consistent with Jewish values. It provides a special emphasis on incorporating business principles in, and ensuring scalability and sustainability of, the organizations it funds. It seeks to support the Jewish community in Los Angeles, North America, and Israel by searching out and supporting those unique ideas that are backed with a passion and a plan whose main goal is to strengthen and positively impact the Jewish community. JVPF is housed at JFN. For more information email Tzivia Schwartz Getzug at [email protected].

National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty

A collaborative of funders, Jewish Federations, direct service providers, researchers, media outlets, and advocates dedicated to fighting poverty in the American Jewish community. Founded in 2019, it is coordinated by Jewish Funders Network and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. 

Social Venture Fund for Jewish-Arab Equality and Shared Society

A philanthropic collaborative that brings together individuals, foundations, and federations who support an equal and inclusive shared society in Israel for the benefit of all of its citizens. It operates as both a peer network and a giving circle.

Learn about Israel-based peer networks and affinity groups here.


Past JFN Peer Networks

Disabilities and Special Needs

This peer network worked to create a Jewish community that is more supportive and inclusive of people with disabilities and their families. Over the course of four years, it moved the field. It commissioned a guide to funding disabilities and special needs, and had regular webinars on disability-related issues. It also arranged multiple site visits to providers of disability services in the United States and Israel, and, through JFN, linked up with experts in the field as well as other disability-funding networks.